The Benefits of Drinking Tea

September 09, 2020

Are you a tea drinker?

Drinking tea has been a tradition passed from one generation to the next generation and differed from one country to the other.
Since it has many health benefits, here's why you should try:

1. Tea is high in antioxidants to prevent the body’s version of rust and protect us from damage from pollution.
2. Tea is great for hydration as it provides a rich and flavorsome source of water.
3. Tea improves the blood flow around the body by widening key arteries and reducing the risk of clots.
4. Tea keeps body fat down by speeding up the burning of calories.
5. Tea helps your chances to battle cancer.
6. Tea strengthens your teeth and lowers the risk of tooth decay.
7. Tea has less caffeine than coffee, so you can consume it without those irritative effects on your nervous system.
8. Tea strengthens memory cells in the brain and offers protection to the development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

There are plenty of benefits from drinking tea to improve our health. Let's make a cup of tea now!

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