Pantry Pursuits' New Launch

Singapore. 10 Nov 2016. Homegrown online store, is pleased to announce the launch of two new online stores: FoodWrapz and AllRubbermaid.

Pantry PursuitsAllRubbermaid Commercial Product SinagporeFoodWrapz, commercial wrapper Singapore at LOW price

Established in 2009, Pantry Pursuits is an on-line specialty retailer of professional kitchen and dining ware for the Home. Its range consists of many brands and designs utilised by professional hospitality establishments. Through its online store, these high-quality products have become accessible to home cooks and bakers.


Recently, as an extension of its product offering, Pantry Pursuits launched Now available for purchase online, FoodWrapz offers a wide range of professional quality packaging, household and disposable products under the LACY'S brand. Products include a wide variety of Baking Paper, Greaseproof Paper, Zip Bags, Vinyl Gloves, Latex Gloves, High Density Plastic Gloves, Aluminium Trays, Plastic Cutlery, Food Warmers and many other products catering to Food Service Professionals as well as households. Many of FoodWrapz’s clingwrap comes with a specially designed slide cutter to reduce wastage. 


Pantry Pursuits’ third online store is Just like its name, AllRubbermaid sells Rubbermaid Commercial Products that deliver money-saving innovations, with best-in-class performance and quality in Singapore. AllRubbermaid’s wide range of products include food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, washroom, and safety products. Suitable for businesses and households, users not only benefit from the product quality, but will also experience the commitment in supporting green initiatives, recycling, green cleaning, water efficiency, waste reduction through product durability & recyclability and packaging reduction.


Pantry Pursuits, FoodWrapz and AllRubbermaid are based in Singapore. We sell and ship our products within Singapore as well as internationally.


For further information and photograph, please contact Pantry Pursuits at tel +65 6449 7791 or email