de Buyer Paella Pan Cleaning

September 26, 2017

de Buyer paella dish is not only for paellas but also has lots of other possible uses. Good news is that it can be used on the stove top, for cooking in the oven or for serving the food on the table. Buyers have no doubts about its exceptional uses, however how about the cleaning part?

To extend the life of the pan, utmost care is required.

Common mistakes people usually make:

  1. Washing with cold water
  2. Putting it into dishwasher
  3. Air drying

The correct method:

Deglaze, then rinse with warm water. Hand wash, and dry it immediately. Make sure it’s completely dry, then coat it slightly with oil and store it in a dry place to prevent the pan from rusting. 

Source: The Hungry Cuban Adventures and de Buyer

de Buyer Paella Pan
Paella pan

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