Why You Need a Knife Sharpener

January 13, 2023


Knives are an essential aspect of any respectable kitchen. But there’s another utensil that’s more often than not left to the side, despite its importance – a knife sharpener!


So why do you need one?

- It’s economical. No matter how good quality a knife is, it's inevitable that they’d dull over time. Instead of getting a brand new knife to replace the old one, you can just sharpen its edges with a knife sharpener. Pay a little more for this handy tool and you’ll get yourself knives that last years.

- It’s safer to keep one around. When a knife gets blunt and dull, the more pressure you’ll need to actually get it to cut through anything – increasing the risk of it slipping and causing injury. With regular sharpening, keep your knives feeling new and safer to use.


Now, once you’ve gotten yourself one of these handy bad boys, here are some tips to note:

- To maintain balance and avoid injury, firmly plant the knife sharpener in a vertical position on your work space.

- Position the edge of the blade at a 15 degree angle towards the knife sharpener.


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