Top Common Pizza Mistakes

July 14, 2016

Not precooking some toppings. The assumption of the high temperature in the oven with 450F to 500F (250 to 260C) is enough to get the toppings cooked is wrong. Meats, root vegetables, onions, mushroom, are examples. Getting the right balance of the sauce, cheese, crust and topping will make your own pizza unforgettable.

The more the better. Thin crust and too much toppings will only make your pizza turns out uneven. The toppings will slow down the cooking and your crust will be overcooked or burnt.

Not preheating or prepping cookware. Either the pizza stone or baking sheet, it should be heated up in a hot oven for at least 20 minutes. 

Low temperature and slow cooker is good. This applies to other recipes but not for pizza. The low temperature will result in a limp, soggy crust and overcooked pizza toppings. Go ahead and preheat your oven to 500F (260C) for at least 20 minutes. Put your pizza on the lowest rack, to allow the crust to cook completely before the toppings burn. Check your pizza every 5 minutes. A beautiful golden crust that’s super crispy on the outside but chewy in the middle will be on the way.



When the pizza is out, slice with a pizza wheel or chef’s knife. Try the “lift and cut” method. Avoid dragging the cutter over the pizza, this will take all your topping with it off to the edge. Firmly push the cutter down on the crust, move it back and forth about an inch, and repeat until you have cut the entire pizza.


Learn to make pizza with this recipe.


Pizza Tips from Kitchn and A Guide for the Pizza Amateur


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