Tangerines: Tiny Treasures of the Lunar New Year

January 15, 2024

Tangerines, integral to Lunar New Year festivities for centuries, embody a rich tradition deeply rooted in China's love for citrus fruits. The sweet essence of these tiny treasures has become a timeless melody sung through generations. As the Lunar New Year approaches, homes worldwide are adorned with vibrant decorations, and tangerines take center stage, their citrusy aroma and sunny glow laden with auspicious meaning.


In the poetic nuances of Mandarin, the word for "tangerine" ( - chéng) harmoniously echoes "luck" and "wealth," transforming these orange orbs into talismans promising prosperity and abundance in the new year.


Golden and round, tangerines symbolize completeness and renewal, offering a year filled with possibilities. Beyond their role as symbols of wealth, strategically placing them guards against adversity, attracting prosperity and deflecting negativity. The act of sharing tangerines goes beyond a simple exchange; it's a heartfelt gesture, inviting good fortune into the lives of loved ones.


Adorned in auspicious red and gold, each citrus package holds a sincere desire for the recipient's prosperity in the coming year. This act of giving extends beyond symbolism, reflecting a collective wish for community harmony and a yearning for a flourishing and peaceful society.


Beyond financial blessings, tangerines also represent family harmony and fertility. Sharing these gems becomes a collective expression of hope for a fruitful year, nurturing bonds and fostering unity within households.


As the Lunar New Year unfolds, the presence of tangerines in homes serves as a vibrant reminder of cultural richness and a shared hope for prosperity, good fortune, and harmonious relationships. So, as you savor the sweet, tangy flesh of a tangerine during the festivities, remember that you are not just enjoying a delicious treat but participating in a centuries-old tradition steeped in meaning and hope. May your year be as vibrant and promising as these delightful tangerines, bursting with sweetness and the joy of a new beginning.

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