Libbey Glassware

December 07, 2022

With our extensive collection, find the perfect crockery to suit your needs, whether it be a wine glass for dinner or an ice cream dish for the kids. Timeless in design and guaranteed in quality, Libbey Glassware never fails to deliver when it comes to meeting our consumer’s needs.

What makes Libbey Glassware so special?
1. Our extensive catalogue is perfect for all the wine-enthusiasts or prospective
mixologists out there!
Whether you’re pouring a brandy or enjoying a martini by the balcony, Libbey Glassware provides the perfect glassware to suit your needs. With a wide selection of glassware specifically made for different types of alcoholic beverages, customers can immerse themselves in the feeling of enjoying their choice of drink with the perfect glass at hand.

2. Timeless, classic design
With the perfect balance between elegance and practicality, our products have all adopted a classic silhouette that provides a timeless quality to them no matter the situation.

3. Guaranteed quality and durability
Durable and dishwasher-safe, Libbey Glassware’s products are made to last, and look good while they’re at it – the perfect selection for any home or restaurant setting.

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