Unforgettable Valentine Chocolates

January 30, 2015

Chocolate won't last forever, but memories do.
Venture away from cliche chocolate hearts this Valentine's. Show your affection with homemade "Sokkuri" sweets (そっくり; sweets that "look like" other things) instead. You can create flower-shaped chocolates, or something that holds meaning in your relationship, such as a picture frame with your own photograph. As the video below shows, you'll definitely need lots of patience, but the payoff is worth it, and the process a fun way for couples to spend time together. :) For a more thorough breakdown of the process, check out the details here.

Suggestions for you
Chocolate sculpting requires quite an exhaustive list of items, but here are the main things: Keeping it at the right temperature is important, and you'll want to minimize the mess as much as possible with baking paper and nonstick baking mats. Gloves will keep your masterpiece free of fingerprints, and if you're feeling up to the challenge, use icing bags to customise and even dedicate a special message to your loved one.

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