Delicious and Healthy Salads in a Jar

January 15, 2015

Create lunch magic with these classy salads in jars. Food prep might get a bit intensive at times, so if you're really busy, simply layer your ingredients into a jar and screw on the airtight lid; it'll keep fresh for up to five days. Just remember to keep moisture to a minimum in the jars to avoid soggy salads. For instance, add whole cherry tomatoes instead of cut ones. Layer heavier ingredients at the bottom, right above the dressing, and leafy greens at the top. Instead of boring old lettuce, check out the video below for some creative recipes; how about citrus avocado dressing with edamane and brocoli? We've never looked forward so much to a salad before!

Suggestions for you

It's very important to keep moisute to an absolute minimum, so if you're not ready for a salad spinner yet get a good colander for quick draining. Mason jars are pretty, but so is our extensive range of Royal White New Bone plateware for showcasing salads. Egg slicers make food prep go by in a breeze, and can be used to slice ingredients like mushrooms. 

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