The 3 Essentials to a Mouthwatering Roast

December 18, 2014

Want to make a roast as delicious as it looks in the video below? You don't want it too dry, or too overdone. Whether it's chicken, beef, or turkey, the 3 essentials to a good roast still apply. Firstly, a roast is only as good as the roasting pan. It contains your juices, heat distribution, and consequently, your flavor. Secondly, consistent basting keeps the meat moist and enhances its natural taste. Lastly, a meat thermometer ensures that it doesn't keep too long in the oven, which is especially important for ensuring doneness with beef. While roast beef is typically seasoned with salt and pepper, the video below goes an extra step and offers a thorough process that's simple to emulate, short of reaching through the screen to assist you! 

 The Essentials

Paderno Stainless Steel Roasting Pan With Folding Handles

UP $319.70 SGD
Sale $255.80 SGD

We swear by this pan for making great roasts. Its shallow sides allow the meat to be exposed to the dry heat of the oven, while the multi-layered sandwich bottom to ensure even heating. It comes with dual, folding handles and is available in various sizes to perfectly accommodate the roast and juices without drying it out.

Paderno Stainless Steel Basting Spoon, 38 cm

UP $40.60 SGD
Sale $32.50 SGD

Basting is especially useful when you do not sear it first, to help add flavor to the top.This stainless steel spoon is perfect for basting as it has a long reach handle. Also great for use as a ladle. Remember to baste with the oven door closed to avoid losing heat! Simply remove your meat and place it on the countertop to baste.

Alegacy Meat Thermometer

UP $29.10 SGD
Sale $23.30 SGD

As seen in the video above, many seasoned chefs may judge doneness by time, or colour. But no oven is the same and cooking times vary in ensuring a consistently perfect roast. Alegacy's meat thermometer has an accuracy of +/-1 degree to help. Its pointed stem makes it easier to insert into the thickest part of the roast, where you can measure a few spots up and down to double-check the temperature.


Chicken, Turkey, or Beef? You decide.
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