What Makes a Good Home Bar?

November 20, 2014

With festive season nearing, you're probably planning a house party of two. Why not jazz it up with a home bar, and concoct some drinks for your guests? Home bars make great conversation pieces, and no bar could ever compare to the appeal of lounging around in the comfort of your own home. Building a home bar isn't as hard as it looks, too; there are 3 essential things that make a good one: Alcohol, Bar Tools and Glassware. For a more detailed look, watch the video below. Soon, you'll be mixing drinks like the pros.

Suggestions for you

It may sound like a lot to beginners, so check out King Metal's 8 piece bar set, which has all the bar tool essentials conveniently together (Double Jigger, Ice Bucket, Ice Tong, Cocktail Strainer, Stirrer, Bottle Opener, Knife, Tool Rack). You'll still need a cocktail shaker, while for the more advanced home bar owners, there's nothing quite like the fragrant aroma and taste of warmed Brandy or Cognac. Either way, we have a huge range available for all levels of expertise.

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