Kitchen Safety 101

November 06, 2014

Homemakers and chefs alike would agree that safety comes first in the kitchen. It's wise to know your limits and avoid dropping that pot of boiling water, cutting your hand, or slipping on a wobbly chair when reaching for your ingredients. The Rubbermaid Stepstool makes the kitchen safer and much more accessible. With a nonskid bottom and wheels that retract when stood upon, there's zero worry about falling off. Lightweight and easily portable, we were so impressed we made a video of ours!

Your kitchen is supposed to be a creative environment, not a routine of chores. Our costumers found different ways to use the versatile stepstool, as seen below: 

"Cleaning those hard-to-clean nooks and crannies is far easier."
"Bonding with your kids in the kitchen to make a cupcake batch or two. They use it to reach the countertop and it's loads of fun."
"If you own a physical store, it's essential."
"Use it to get shoes, books and office supplies. It's far more convenient than using a ladder every time."
"It's amazing for the 'vertically disadvantaged'."

 What will you use it for?

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