How To Make A Juicy Hamburger

July 29, 2014

I am a healthy eater except when it comes to burgers. That's when my concern about calories, cholesterol and fat count flies out the window! I rarely like fast-food burgers because they taste like cardboard and who really knows what goes into to those patties.

Hence, I tend to make my own burgers at home. They're so affordable and easy to make. Here are some tips to bear in mind: 

  • Only buy fresh ground chuck...never just ground beef or hamburger beef because these usually contain a very high percentage of fat, may include seasonings and flavor additives, and may even be treated with ammonia. Or they may be frozen and then defrosted.
  • Make sure the beef is coarsely grounded and has about 25% fat
  • If you must have lean meat, you can add chopped onions to the patty to add moisture
  • Do not add salt into the meat but put some on the outside just before cooking
  • Keep the meat refrigerated until ready to cook

For a perfectly shaped patty each time, here's a gadget that all burger lovers should have! The Paderno Oval Hamburger Press. Available at Pantry Pursuits.


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