How To Cook With A De Buyer Blue Steel Pan

July 14, 2014

The de Buyer Blue Steel Frying Pan is an excellent heat conductor. As such, it’s the professional chef’s choice for sealing or browning food.

Once it reaches temperatures above 284ºF (140º C), the steel frying pan seals the food on the surface, resulting in the caramelization of the natural juices. A crust forms, preventing moisture from evaporating. The food becomes brown and crusty on the surface, tender and soft in the middle. Perfect for frying meat and obtaining crispy crepes or tasty omelettes.

The de Buyer Blue Steel Frying Pan is suitable with all heat sources, including induction and oven proof. It is a high density metal and therefore doesn’t retain odors. It is also lighter than a cast iron pan. It is non-coated and if protected from rusting through proper seasoning, it will last a lifetime.

After being seasoned, it acquires natural non-stick properties that won’t chip, scratch or peel off. Unlike non-stick pans, it is safe to use at high temperatures, as well as with metal objects, such as knives, forks or spatulas.

 It requires minimum care, but is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Watch this video on how to use and care for a de Buyer Blue Steel Pan that is available at Pantry Pursuit.

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