Father’s Day Special - Awesome Gadget to Have

June 09, 2016

Father’s Day Special - Awesome Gadget to Have

Fathers love gadgets! Find out what Pantry Pursuits has for you at for this special occasion.

Paderno Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver
Paderno Vacuum Pump Wine

The Paderno wine vacuum pump is designed to pull the air out of an open bottle of wine. It comes with a plastic & stainless steel pump and two specially designed rubber stoppers. It is the best way to keep the open wine fresh as well as an excellent gift for wine lovers!
UP: $36.80
NOW: $29.50

Paderno Thermometer And Winemeter with Somelier Case
Thermomoeter and Winemeter with Somelier Case

Another perfect gift for wine lovers! The thermometer and wine meter comes in a classy sommelier case.
UP: $54.30
NOW: $43.50

Alegacy Lemon/Lime Squeeze
Lemon Squeeze

This is a professional quality, heavy duty lemon/lime squeezer with closed jaw. Made of durable stainless steel, it is designed with a rounded handle that allows for comfort and ease when in use. The perfect tool for adding a splash of lemon or lime to that cocktail quickly and easily.
UP: $20.90
NOW: $16.80

Rubbermaid Stepstool
Rubbermaid Stepstool

This Rubbermaid Stepstool is made in USA. Its heavy-duty stepstool glides easily on retractable rubber casters. It supports loads up to 350 lbs (158.8 kg), with soft, slip resistant pads on both steps. Wheels retract when stepped on. Heavy-duty plastic construction will not damage walls or furniture.
UP: $272.00
NOW: $237.00

Chef's Choice Manual Sharpener for Serrated Knife, White
Serrated knife sharperner

When using a regular knife sharpener on a serrated knife, you may dull the knife or even grind the serrated edge completely off. This sharpener is made of durable commercial plastic & has a V shaped groove with high quality diamond abrasives to sharpen the serrated edges. 2 stage precision sharpening. Its rubber feet protect surfaces and prevent slipping. Recommended by The New Cooks’ Catalogue..

UP: $62.10
NOW: $49.70

Victorinox Chopping Knife/Mezzaluna With Wooden Handle
Chopping knife
This Victorinoz Chopping Knife or Mezzaluna has a stainless steel curved blade with 2 lacquered wooden handles at the ends, allowing the cook to use a rocking motion to chop, cut, and mince foods. This style of knife can be extremely useful in the production of a wide range of foods, including chopping up fresh herbs easily and efficiently.
Hand washing recommended.
UP: $89.70
NOW: $71.80

Paderno Brandy/Cognac Warmer
Paderno Brandy
There's nothing quite like the fragrant aroma and taste of warmed Brandy or Cognac. Cradle the brandy snifter over the gentle flame and unlock the hidden character and full flavor of your favorite Brandy or Cognac.
Chromed steel construction; Professional quality. A staple at busy bars and restaurants but also very popular for home bars.
UP: $245.80
NOW: $196.70

Alegacy French Fry Cutter 3/8"Cut A375
French ffry cutterPerfect for both household and professional use, the Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter is a fine edition to every chef's kitchen. Wall or table mounted, the Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter has a pusher block and cutting frame on a heavy-duty, rust proof body with a cast iron handle and stainless steel trough. The Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter can hold 6 inch potatoes and cut square 3/8 inch/10mm thick fries. Not only works for potatoes, but also other vegetables such as cucumber and carrot. Get Alegacy French Fry Cutter and your cutting is done in a second. Dishwasher safe and hassle-free service.
Up: $442.00
NOW: $353.60


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