Gift Ideas That Every Cooks WILL LOVE

May 26, 2016

Is your friend a cook? Looking up gift ideas for an upcoming birthday or celebration? Find out more.

Silicone Spatula Set

This all-purpose scraper resists scratching and melting. It resists heat up to 500Deg F/260Deg C. Blades are stain resistant and will or scratch your grill or cookware. Whether you call it a spatula, turner, or scraper, it does more than just mixing and folding. It is a kitchen must-have.

NOW: $29.40

UP: $36.70


Turn’up Slicer or cutter

Tu01 and Tu02

Image from eurodib

Cut vegetable cup in minutes. Use it on potatoes, zucchinis, melons, cucumbers, carrots, turnips, etc. Ideal tool to offer unlimited possibilities to produce original appetizing presentation.

NOW: $262.00

UP: $327.50


Alegacy French Fry Cutter 3/8"Cut A375


Perfect for both household and professional use, the Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter is a fine edition to every chef's kitchen. Wall or table mounted, the Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter has a pusher block and cutting frame on a heavy-duty, rust proof body with a cast iron handle and stainless steel trough. The Alegacy A375 French Fry Cutter can hold 6 inch potatoes and cut square 3/8 inch/10mm thick fries. Not only works for potatoes, but also other vegetables such as cucumber and carrot. Get Alegacy French Fry Cutter and your cutting is done in a second. Dishwasher safe and hassle-free service.

NOW: $353.60

Up: $442.00

Measuring Cup

Measuring Cup

This is a cook's best friend! This measuring cup set provides accurate measurements of ingredients for all your cooking needs with ease. Made of high quality, long lasting stainless steel, this set is made for both wet and dry ingredients. The handles make usage even easier, and allow for a firm grip. This is a must have for any kitchen, both home and commercial!

NOW: $14.80

UP: $18.40


Paderno Plain/Fluted Double Pastry Wheel

Paderno Pastry Wheel

This Paderno stainless steel plain and fluted pastry wheel has a fluted edge for creating lattice-work pastry or ravioli cuts and a straight edge for making strips. Made of professional quality, the blades are stainless steel. Having a double pastry wheel will help speed up preparation work.

NOW: $22.10

UP: $27.60


Paderno Flexible Non-Stick Baking Mould - Mini Muffin

Mini muffin mould

Paderno silicone moulds are practical and functional, perfect for freezing or baking also in microwave ovens. Easy to de-mould, they are non-stick and there is no need to prep the moulds with butter or wax paper. Can be washed manually as well as into dishwashers.

NOW: $38.40

UP: 47.90


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