4 Common Items In The Kitchen That Can Turn Out Beautiful

May 22, 2016

Plastic Bag as Wrapping Paper

Images from Real Simple

Look clearly again … yes, the wrapper is actually a plastic bag! Just find the prettiest and most colourful. Or ones without writing. Triple-bag the gift, tie all three sets of handles into a knot, cut the tops of the loops and fan out the pieces to make a plume. Ta-daa! Your emergency wrapping paper!


Candle as Zipper Fixer

Image from Real Simple

Stubborn zipper? Gently rub a candle along on both sides of the zip to smoothen it out.


Wine Rack

Image from Brit+Co

How about wine rack made from your coffee or tomato cans? Choose your favourite colours and brands!

Pasta Spaghetti Holder

Image from Our Peaceful Planet

Do you have a family member who drinks soda water? Turn two tall skinny soda bottles into a nifty and quick spaghetti holder! This works well for other tall slim items too, such as paint brushes or pencils. Cut your bottles 6 1/2 inches up from the bottom. Cut a 2 inch slit up the bottom of ONE of the bottles. This allows you to overlap the bottom a little so it fits inside the other half.


If you haven’t watch this, you should.The correct way to store your plastic bag.


Professional kitchenware and food wrapper available at Pantry Pursuits and FoodWrapz.

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