Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher 1.9L


Features a mechanical mixing mechanism to blend multiple beverages and/or powders. The built-in mixer quickly blends frozen and powdered beverages without utensils or messy shaking. The three-position lid allows you to pour freely, pour with ice guard, or close. Lifting and pouring is made easy with its large, comfortable handle.

  1. Rugged polyethylene construction.
  2. Wide, open tops for easy cleaning.
  3. Commercial dishwasher safe.
  4. Front-of-house – serving juice, iced tea and water.
  5. Back-of-house – pouring, storing batters, etc.
  6. Temperature rating of -20°F up to 160°F.
  7. BPA-Free


Video below on how to make thick creamy yoghurt at home - Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher used.

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