Paderno Stainless Steel Praline Cutter, Set Of 9


Set of 9 different stainless steel paste-cutters perfect to prepare pralines, to cut puff paste or pastry for biscuits, to cut vegetables or fruit for decorations or vegetable sculptures.

Designs consist of:

Round: Diam26 mm

Arch: Diam30mm H15mm

Oval: Diam40mm H23mm

Oblong: Diam40mm H20mm

Square: Diam25mm H25mm

Rectangular: Diam35mm H20mm

Diamond: Diam40mm H26mm

Heart: Diam35mm H30mm

Curve: Diam35mm H18mm

Category: Cutter, Of, Paderno, Praline, Set, Stainless, Steel

Type: Cutter

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