Paderno Chocolate Mould, Rectangle with Design, 32 pieces


This Paderno polycarbonate chocolate mould can make 32 pieces of chocolate in 1 sheet.

It is very sturdy, creates crisp edges and shows detailed design. Made of polycarbonate, this thick clear material makes this mould thermal shock-resistant and easy to clean. All surfaces of the mould are perfectly smooth and glossy for a perfect finish. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and will last a lifetime. Thermal shock-resistant from -75 degrees to 450 degrees for freezing and use of boiling sugar. Dishwasher safe.

Material: Polycarbonate

Design: Rectangle with design

Dimension of sheet: L275mm W175mm, 32 pieces per sheet 

Individual chocolate dimension: L38mm W24mm H16 mm

Category: Chocolate, Mould, Paderno

Type: Mould

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