Carlisle 1" Round Pastry Brush Nylon Bristles


Carlisle Galaxy™ Pastry Brush 10" Long - White


  1. One piece smooth finish plastic handles are easy to clean
  2. Bristles are epoxy-set to ferrules to prevent bacteria harboring air pockets
  3. Tapered Nylon bristles with chisel-point trim provide superior surface coverage
  4. Soft White Nylon bristles have high fluid retaining capacity
  5. More durable than inexpensive Polypropylene bristle imitations
  6. Available with Spectrum® Blue or Red bristles to help prevent cross-contamination when preparing fish and raw meats
  7. Added contrast in working with white frostings or other white foods

Tech Specs
Bristle Trim 2.00in 5.08cm
Bristle Width 1.00in 2.54cm
Overall Length 10.00in 25.40cm
Material Nylon Bristle
Material - Bristle Nylon
Material - Handle Plastic
Country of Origin United States

Category: Bristles, Brush, Carlisle, Nylon, Pastry

Type: Brush

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